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The travel industry thrives on swift and reliable payment solutions to seamlessly bridge the gap between businesses, travelers and service providers. Ensuring smooth transactions globally demands the integration of advanced payment systems capable of handling multiple currencies, supporting various payment methods, and providing secure, real-time processing. GOAT Payments offers cutting-edge technologies that streamline payment processes, cut costs and minimize risk of fraud. Our automated solutions expedite the reconciliation process, reduce errors and deliver real-time financial insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions quickly. We adapt to the seasonality of your business and can scale to support your payment needs during lower or higher volume times. With GOAT Payments, travel businesses can concentrate on crafting unforgettable travel experiences, building trust and cultivating loyalty with their customers.

GOAT Payments offers tailored solutions
across the travel industry

Cruise lines & Riverboats

Ensuring the ease of transactions at sea, GOAT Payments provides a robust payment system, tailored for the ever-changing seascape of cruise lines and riverboats. We deliver secure, swift and adaptable payment solutions for a seamless experience.

Hotels & Resorts

GOAT Payments delivers a unified payment system designed to enrich the guest experience from check-in to check-out, seamlessly integrating with the luxury and comfort that hotels and resorts strive to offer.

Travel Agencies

GOAT Payments equips travel agencies with a flexible payment platform that supports a range of payment methods, meeting the varied needs of travelers. Designed for seamless integration with current booking systems, our solution ensures a frictionless payment experience from start to finish.

Car Rental Agencies

When customers rent a car, they expect not just a reliable vehicle, but also fast service. GOAT Payments accelerates the process of renting a car with swift and dependable check-out payment solutions. Our speedy, secure, and contactless payment solutions ensure drivers hit the road with ease and confidence.

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