Partner with Industry Leaders
for Expert Guidance in High-Risk
Verticals through GOAT's
High-Risk as a Service Program.

GOAT Payments Roadmap

Assigned Associate with the expertise to guide every single merchant opportunity to APPROVAL

Onboarding and Deployment Support 24/7 to assist your office and sub-agent relationships with RAPID MID PROCESSING

24/7 Portal Access to service and manage your merchants and financial growth within your PORTFOLIO

Guided one on one APPROVAL PLACEMENT on E-Commerce & complex merchant verticals your processor does not understand

Become a GOAT Payments Certified Partner

As a GOAT Payments Certified Partner, you gain exclusive access to a full array of partner benefits:

Instant Access to 30
Sponsor Banks

24/7 White Glove
Merchant-Focused Support

Integrated White-labeled

Dedicated Experienced

Merchant Sales Advisory

Intuitive Onboarding Portal

Underwriting High
Risk & Training

GOAT Payments Channel

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What you WON'T get with our Partner program

We understand the frustrations you are forced to solve on your own when your Processor will not.

Jenna has customized a program for your office that allows you to focus back on SALES and not on forms! She has also added sales experts with the acumen to assist with closing and training, versus a support team with zero sales experience.

We treat each and every one of our Partners and Merchants like a member of our family. Here, you are not just another number in our queue.

Just another number
in our system

Unlike many other processors in the industry, we don't slap on any hidden fees or increase our rates without our partners consent or approval.

Unexpected merchant
rate increases

Not getting paid correctly is annoying. At GOAT Payments, compensating our Partners the correct amount and on time is an essential part of our core business.

Late or incorrect
residual payments

Meet Jenna L. Padilla

Vice President of Strategic Partnership Development

With 20 years of corporate payments experience, she has consulted with over 500 Registered Independent Sales Organizations, Agent offices, Integrated Software Providers, and Software As A Service (SaaS) Partners.

A proven background in payments growth and building lifetime portfolio equity, she welcomes the challenges that face every payments professional.

Jenna’s exemplary reputation and ability to provide transparent guidance to every single client has earned her clients confidence for the life of their business.

If you are struggling with your processor relationship, service issues, onboarding inefficiency, want to diversify your sponsor bank options or would like to level up your residual income-

Jenna WILL solve for your individual
business challenges!

Think you are GOAT qualified?

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    Instant Access to 25 Sponsor Banks

    We have removed the barriers of the traditional direct processors by sharing our bins with GOAT Certified Partners. Finally compete against what disadvantaged programs your current Sponsor bank offers.

    24/7 White Glove Merchant-Focused Support

    We understand how critical and important customer service and tech support are. If you're down, we're down. We do everything imaginable to go above and beyond with every customer service and tech support issue.

    Integrated White-labeled Programs

    We reduce the hassle of your organization investing thousands of dollars to integrate payments. We have cost effective solutions to integrate payments, provision gateway options, and branding for your organization. If you have a vision for your organization, we will help you execute a go to market strategy.

    Dedicated Experienced Resources

    Is your office subject to support that is focused on creating tickets and cases and not solutions? We have removed those challenges and have hybrid sales and support experts assigned to each partner. Each expert is laser focused and dedicated to resolving escalations.

    Merchant Sales Advisory

    What drives partners to GOAT is our efficiency to help you board with ease, and RAPID APPROVALS. Our approval rates are upwards of 98%! Reduce the frustrations of your office support and merchants you work so hard to build relationships with.

    Intuitive Onboarding Portal

    Finally optimize the banking options and remove errors that slow your office down. We have mastered solutions for the onboarding process. We have also included options for you to white-label the portal to create a custom experience.

    Underwriting High Risk & Training

    We provide office training, pre-consultations with your office on multimillion dollar high risk merchant opportunities, and most importantly, statement reviews. We focus on KYC, proper upfront due diligence so that your merchant has a superior experience from beginning to launch. We ask the right questions and help your office learn new business verticals along the way.