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Centers Experiences through
Seamless Payment Options

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Revitalize Leisure & Athletic Centers with
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In the landscape of country clubs, sports centers, and specialized athletic facilities, leisure and recreation extend beyond physical spaces. Today’s environment encompasses a presence across the dynamic digital world, marked by online sales and social media. GOAT Payments stands ready to support your omnichannel needs with advanced POS systems, alongside the essential products and services you need to grow your revenue and sharpen your competitive edge.

Leisure & Recreation: Seamless Payment
Options for Fun and Relaxation

Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Elevate member experience with GOAT Payments’ advanced payment processing solutions. Designed to meet the high standards of convenience and class that members expect, our services seamlessly handle everything from green fees to clubhouse dining, ensuring every transaction is as refined as your establishment.

Racquet sports

GOAT Payments serves up flexible payment solutions for court fees, lessons and equipment rentals. Our aim is to keep players focused on their game, not on the hassle of transactions. With GOAT Payments, players get more playtime and less downtime.

Athletic Centers

Athletic centers play an important role in developing skills and building communities across kids and adults.  With GOAT Payments, membership dues and event fees are processed seamlessly – so you can get back to building athletic excellence.

These payments solutions are backed by first-class support and service,
ensuring that each industry receives the attention and expertise to
manage it’s payment system efficiently.

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