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Health and Wellness
Payments Made Easy
and Efficient

Enhancing wellness journeys with
hassle-free payment options

GOAT Payments makes health and wellness
transactions quick, secure and seamless.

Healthcare professionals deserve to focus on care, not the pains of payment processing. GOAT Payments offers a POS payment system designed to streamline collections and cash flow, reduce receivables and enhance office efficiency. With fewer chargebacks and less paperwork, we’re elevating customer service in healthcare. And we know you’re on the move, so GOAT Payments offers mobile processing, accepting major credit and debit cards for instant payment, and eliminating cash-only transactions. Whether you’re part of a large group or a solo practitioner, our solutions empower healthcare professionals with better cash flow management.

Health & wellness: Easy payment systems
for care and comfort


Experience seamless and discrete transactions that let you unwind and fully enjoy your treatments, with complete peace of mind about payment confidentiality and security.

Cosmetic Dentistry

You offer dental services with meticulous precision and care – so why should paying for them be any different? GOAT Payments integrates seamlessly with your practice management systems, ensuring a smooth billing process and positive patient experience.


Your business is dynamic, so we offer reliable payment solutions that adapt with your seasonality, for superb service year-round.

Plastic Surgery

At GOAT Payments we offer secure and sophisticated payment processing, tailored for high-value plastic surgery transactions, ensuring a service that matches the premium quality of your offerings.

Rehab Centers

Understanding the critical need for secure and discreet transactions in rehabilitation centers, GOAT Payments offers powerful, customized payment processing solutions designed to mirror the specialized care and attention your services provide.

Fitness Centers​

Fitness centers serve up a range of dynamic offerings – from memberships, to classes to personal training – so their payment options need to keep up. GOAT Payments offers flexibility for whatever transactions you have – to keep members happy and thriving.  


With GOAT Payments, chiropractic practices don’t have to worry about payment solutions that crack. We provide payment processing that is straightforward, efficient and secure, so practitioners can focus on delivering superior client care.

These payments solutions are backed by first-class support and service,
ensuring that each industry receives the attention and expertise to
manage it’s payment system efficiently.

Elevate Your Payment Journey