The GOAT Payments $1000 guarantee is simple, easy, and straightforward. Once you send us your recent statement for analysis, if GOAT is unable to beat your current rates, we’ll pay you $1,000 just for letting us try. This guarantee demonstrates the company’s commitment to offering competitive rates and delivering unmatched value to its clients.

Merchant minded means prioritizing the goals and needs of our clients, providing white glove service, every step of the way. Utilizing our vast network of processors, we are able to customize solutions that that match the individual needs of each one of our clients.

To initiate the process, click this link. After you fill out the form you are provided, a sales team member will contact you within 24 hours. Alternatively, contact us directly at 855.551.8558 and ask for a sales representative.

Underwriting requirements vary by business type and size of your business. Once we receive all of the supporting documents required, the approval process generally takes 24-72 hours.
We welcome businesses of all types and sizes that process credit and debit transactions, ACH payments, and gift cards. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar, e-commerce, mail order, telephone order, trade show business, or a combination of all, we can customize the best processing solutions to meet your individual needs.
Yes. Through our various PCI Compliance vendors, GOAT Payments supports our merchants with understanding the complexities of PCI Compliance requirements. We understand that the PCI SAQ and Compliance questionnaires are time-consuming and confusing, and one of our dedicated staff members is here to assist with making sure that your business is PCI Compliant at all times.
Address Verification System (AVS) is a fraud-prevention tool for credit and debit card transactions. It is used by financial institutions, sponsoring banks, and payment processors to help prevent fraudulent credit and debit card purchases. AVS verifies that the billing address entered by the customer is the same as the one associated with the cardholder’s credit card account. AVS is done as part of the merchant’s request for authorization in a non-face-to-face credit card transaction.

GOAT’s business hours are 7am – 6pm PST, and we have dedicated team members available after business hours as well. In addition to GOAT’s white glove premier customer service, the processors maintains 24/7/365 support for any and all needs. Our toll-free number is (855)551-8558, and you may also email us at support@www.goatpayments.com anytime.

GOAT Payments is able to process on all of the First Data Networks, WorldPay, TSYS, Elavon, and Global Payments networks. We support almost all types of credit card equipment, various point-of-sale systems, and payment gateways. However, some point-of-sale companies force you to use their payment processor, and in those circumstances, we would not be able to support those proprietary systems.

Payment processing terminals that we support include Valor, Dejavoo, Ingenico, PAX, Verifone, and all FD terminals. We also support most POS systems, including Clover POS, Quantic POS, Focus, Aloha and Positouch. We support the following web payment gateways including: Authorize.net, Fluid Pay, USAEpay, NMI, Accept Blue, Cybersource and several others.

GOAT Payments takes pride in the many options available to process your credit and debit card transactions. In most cases, we even supply the equipment at no charge to our merchants.
We are able to set you up to accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diner’s Club. You are also able to process on all of the pin debit networks. Additionally, you can also accept Apple Pay and Google Wallet.
We accept preliminary websites and can give conditional approval as long as the website displays all of the products or services it is selling. While it’s not mandatory for the site to be publicly accessible, underwriting will require access to the website with a temporary username and password. Certain products are prohibited from being sold, such as THC-O and any cannabis-related products that do not meet federal guidelines.
We have several mobile processing solutions that turn your smartphone or tablet into a credit card terminal and much more. These app-based options let you deliver your products or services directly to your customers in the field or at your place of business. Gain real-time access to all of your payments directly at the point of sale.
Yes. Once your merchant account is approved, you will receive a username and password with access to your online reporting. For security reasons, these credentials will be emailed to the principal on the application, and he or she can then add as many users as desired. In addition to being able to view the monthly statement in the portal, you also have access to view transactions, batches, deposits, chargebacks, and can even complete the chargeback dispute process directly through the portal. We can also mail you your statement if that is your preference.
Depending on your merchant category type, we offer same day deposits and next day deposits from the time that your batch is closed. In some cases, based on the risk associated with your account, deposits may take up to 48 hours.
Yes. Through our strategic partners that specialize in merchant financing, we can help facilitate certain financing requests. For more specific information, please contact us for a comprehensive understanding of the various options available.