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Events & Seasonal


Elevating events with fast, flexible
payment processing

GOAT Payments transforms event transactions
with rapid, reliable and flexible payment handling.

Seasonal and trade show merchants operate in a space that is fast-paced and high-impact, where giving customers payment options helps to boost their loyalty. GOAT Payments provides  that flexibility at your fingertips! Activate merchant accounts only when needed, avoiding processing fees during off-seasons. Our wireless terminals let you accept payments on-the-go, and our online gateway offers effortless tracking. Let us tailor the perfect payment solution for your business, ensuring you’re ready to capture every opportunity, wherever it arises.

Events & seasons: flexible payment
solutions for every special occasion

Conventions & trade shows

With the excitement and bustle of conventions and trade shows come challenges in payment processing…unless you’re working with GOAT Payments. We offer versatile, mobile payment solutions and virtual terminals that just work – no matter where you are on the show floor.


Amplify the enjoyment at every concert with GOAT Payments! We process credit and debit card transactions for ticket sales and purchases at the event with our unique payment gateways and POS solutions. Our lightning-fast, secure and contactless payments are a breeze for users – so they can get lost in the music, not in payment hassles.

Seasonal Events including

At GOAT Payments we understand seasonal businesses and their requirements, including freezing your merchant account(s) and eliminating fees and charges during non-operating months. GOAT Payments provides solutions that are as adaptable as your business, performing when you need it most.

Equipment Rentals

To meet the range of needs for customers who rent equipment, GOAT Payments offers a flexible and secure transaction system. Designed for both one-time and recurring payments, it ensures every rental experience is seamless and tailored to each customer’s specifications.


These payments solutions are backed by first-class support and service,
ensuring that each industry receives the attention and expertise to
manage it’s payment system efficiently.

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